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To quote a song from a famous musical starring Julie Andrews, “small and white, clean and bright.” That’s this remodel of a once undistinguished Bryant box of a house typical to the neighborhood.”. Touches of walnut — just a little here and there — give weight and help ground spaces using shots of natural and aged beauty.

Shiplap at the front door creates a charming, almost cottage-like entry in a space where there really is no room for such a thing – but here it is. To make this home useful throughout, every inch of space was carefully considered. Small spaces appear larger because light is welcomed into rooms as often as possible, either through skylights or with new angular windows.

Blackened-steel windows, trim and in other uses are outlines to the ethereal spaces they define. Spaces are at once utmost modern, but with hints of charm. All of it glazed in elegance. The look is grown up, but still comfortable for a family with young children and pets. If you had to boil it all down to one word it would be this: sophisticated.